At the end of May 2017, there were 22 innocent concertgoers that lost their lives while leaving Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman tour in Manchester. After picking up the pieces, holding the One Love Manchester benefit concert and trying to cope with this incredibly awful tragedy, news has broken that a U.K. teenager has been found guilty of trying to carry out a terrorist attack at a Justin Bieber concert. The performance took place on June 30, 2017, in Cardiff. While the attacker cannot be named for legal reasons, authorities found him guilty of five terror offenses at Birmingham Crown Court.

The details of this attack, that was never carried out, are disturbing and gruesome. Not only have law enforcement obtained the specifics of what this teen wanted to accomplish at Justin’s concert but also a note that was written by him. A statement from The Guardian read, “I am a soldier of the Islamic State. I have attacked Cardiff today because your government keep on bombing targets in Syria and Iraq. There will be more attacks in the future.”

It’s being reported that he planned on running people over with a vehicle and attacking emergency personnel who arrived on the scene to help out. The teen had researched terms online before the concert including “Justin Bieber security” and “how to create a terror attack.”

Sue Hemming, Head of the Counter Terrorism and Special Crime Division, said, “This teenager’s behavior over many months leaves no doubt that he intended to kill and maim as many people as possible in an attack reminiscent of the incident on Westminster Bridge.” (An incident where the attacker drove a car into pedestrians walking along the bridge.)

She continued, “He was also posting extremist content online that could have encouraged others to commit terrorist acts and downloading instructions on how to carry out ‘lone wolf’ attacks…he will now rightly face the prospect of a substantial prison sentence.”

Justin nor his team have yet to comment on the current situation. This teen will be officially sentenced at the beginning of 2018. Thankfully, this entire thing was thwarted and no one was hurt or injured. The craziest part about this whole thing is that fans actually begged Justin on Twitter to cancel his performances in the U.K. Beliebers took to social media to express their concerns for the “Sorry” singer just days after the Manchester Attacks. Of course, they had no idea about this particular teen’s intentions and we’re just worried for his overall safety.

One of the tweets read, “Justin, please cancel Purpose Tour, we want you to be safe, we want you alive! We love you ❤️
#prayersforManchester #NoPurposeTour.”

Justin performed at Ariana’s benefit concert following the Manchester Attacks and prayed for all of the lives lost. All of the artists at the concert, including Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Niall Horan, came together for the sake of music. They came to show the world that we cannot be afraid to live our lives. We should not be afraid to go these shows and see our idols on stage. Music is supposed to bring people together. It’s clear that not even this teen who had his mind set on something so disturbing could carry out his attack without a fight.