Opinion: Okay Real Talk, Did Justin Bieber Forget How to Dance?


Oh, Justin Bieber. You sang and danced your way into hearts all around the world years ago and here we are, still fans. Justin's music has only gotten better but his pure talent of a great singing voice, piano and drum playing skills, whipping out some impressive dance moves and you know, just being his cute AF, Justin Bieber self. That hair swoop he used to do might've helped a little bit, but I digress. So back to the dancing: Justin has always been able to perform like nobody else and having attended one of his concerts, I can tell you first-hand, yes he's just as amazing in person as you would imagine. Proof:

That smile though. A king of the stage he is.

Even in the car, he brings his best moves.

So then you'll understand why I was a bit surprised to his recent Instagram videos dancing along to his bud Ed Sheeran's song "Perfect" and well, his moves were less than stellar. Like v confusing. Take for example the forward roll:

And then there was the spin attempt to which he captioned the video, "I’m gonna get this dancing thing down."

And yes, Ed saw these posts too, liking and commenting on it.

But I'm thoroughly confused. Like what is going on here, bud? Justin is a phenomenal dancer. Remember when he danced with Selena Gomez in that studio together? That was a ROUTINE and he nailed it, like he always does. Now, Justin has been known to drop some funny videos on Instagram, so is this his attempt at some comedy? Is it all a joke? Is he poking fun at himself and his dancing, something he has done before? Or is he seriously trying to master these moves? I know he hasn't been on tour for a while now but dancing is like riding a bike, it comes back to you and it's not a skill he could just lose like that. I'm genuinely concerned and need some answers, asap. Justin, give me a sign you're OK, please and thanks.


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