Justin Bieber is at it again!

The "Sorry" singer's relationship with Sofia Richie has always confused us. Recently, he's been liking her photos and even commenting on them telling her how gorgeous she is. Okay, if that doesn't scream 'charmer' we don't know what does. The pair only really dated last year for about a month in August and as quickly as that fizzled out, it seems like his recent interest in her has as well.

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Justin was snooping around on Kim Chiu's Instagram live story. She's a Filipino actress and Internet personality. It's being reported that he verbally said to her over the medium, "Chinita, I will see you in the Philippines."

While we're not totally sure what their relationship is, it's clear Justin is into her. I mean, can you even imagine if Justin was watching YOUR Instagram live? You'd think he was into you, too. But, it seems like the feeling is mutual.

Kim posted a video of herself working out on Instagram with a caption that reportedly translates to something along the lines of her playing a crucial role in the Biebs' Philippines Purpose Tour stop. We're literally baffled about what she could actually be doing with him. Maybe she's getting up on stage and dancing with him? Or maybe she's getting ready for some action stunt she's about to pull during his performance. Regardless, Kim is freaking READY.

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Okay, she's fierce AF. Maybe she's trying to show Sofia who is boss. Kidding.

All jokes aside, we're super excited to see what happens between Justin and Kim. He's scheduled to travel to the Philippines in September and we have a feeling Kim is going to be training until then. Could she just want to look good for JB? There are so many questions and we won't stop until we get the answer.

This isn't the first time Justin has set his sights on an Instagram personality either. Remember Jayde Piece and Sahara Ray? He sure had a good time with them. There's no telling how he's going to react when he sees Kim in September.

Hopefully, Sofia doesn't care that much. To be honest, she's probably used to his ways. #NotPhased

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