Justin Bieber has unfollowed his friend Floyd Mayweather on Instagram, and it is totally on. It is being reported that Justin wanted a break from the fighter after months of counseling by his pastor and his church. The “Friends” singer is taking time off from any of his, well, friends who he thinks are bad influences on him. Floyd has reportedly labeled Justin a “traitor” and is raging mad at him. Yikes – looks like these two may have just became serious enemies. Check out the video below for all the deets.

Turns out, Floyd allegedly was there for Justin during his meltdown, so being unfollowed by the pop star seems like a betrayal for the boxer. In fact, just last week, Justin told some paparazzi that he didn’t think Floyd would win his upcoming big fight. He’s been Team Mayweather for years, but doesn’t looks like he’s a fan anymore. This didn’t come out of nowhere though. These two have a lot of history, which is what makes this unfollow a pretty big deal. Justin and Floyd were really good friends for a decent amount of time, and Biebs even walked Mayweather out onto the ring for a number of his fights.

justin bieber floyd mayweather

Not only have the two even been spotted on vacation together in Bora Bora, but they have also publicly supported each other on social media. But one of the most meaningful moments of their friendship had to be when Bieber went to help Floyd’s kids after they were involved in a car accident.

Now let us all just hope that Justin and Floyd never find themselves in the ring together because we think it is safe to say that would turn out quite ugly.

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