Who knew? Justin Bieber just publicly supported one of Hollywood's biggest power couple – Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid – and all we can think is, that is SO unlike him!

The Biebs was in one of the teen world's most well-known relationships with Selena Gomez and they had been dubbed a power couple multiple times. Ever since Selena though, Justin hasn't had anything like it. Not only that but he's never talked openly about other celebrity couples either. So, this is definitely a first.

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JB posted a photo from Gigi and Zayn's Vogue magazine shoot on his own personal Instagram with the caption, "Love this." Yes, and we're all just as confused as you are.

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Love this

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He also COMMENTED on the photo Gigi posted and wrote, "Love this." Obviously, he ships them and he ships them hard. He's proving that he's exactly like all of us. Don't even try to deny for a second that as soon as these Zigi pictures hit the Internet you weren't staring at your computer screen drooling over them. They are literal #RELATIONSHIPGOALS and Justin is clearly acknowledging that.

It's unclear whether he misses that kind of love in his life. For awhile he and Selena were so good together. They were infatuated with each other and you could tell he really loved her. Maybe he's thinking about those days when he sees Zigi and what they have together.

If all that wasn't enough, there's a whole other layer to this. While Justin is probably friends with Gigi considering he's been besties with Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner for years, it's unclear whether or not he's friends with Zayn. Zayn, of course, has a complicated, somewhat strained relationship with One Direction including Niall Horan. But, Niall and Justin are friends and have been seen hanging out together on numerous occasions.

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The whole thing is a complicated web of friends and enemies and we can't help but wonder what they all think of Justin's public ship of Zigi.

Regardless, love is love and there's definitely something Justin sees when he looks at Zigi. Whether it's solely their romance or nostalgia on his own, we'll never know.

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