Not only were things a little rocky for Justin Bieber as a person and artist last year, but also fans noticed that his hair had taken a turn for the worst. The singer was spotted wearing different shades of blond in 2016, and he even sported something that was a poor imitation of dreadlocks for months, but it looks like the new year has brought with it renewed hope for the singer and his famous head of hair.

Remember the classic hair flip that teenage girls everywhere were obsessed with some years ago? Based on the latest JB photos, it looks like that old hair might be making its way back into our worlds and into hearts everywhere.

justin bieber hair

Photo credit: Splash News

He was recently spotted out on vacation and performing during New Year's Eve and his hair was longer, but a lighter shade than his natural hair color. But fans obtained the latest photos of the singer and it appears that his hair has gone back to a similar shade and length than when he first stepped out into the spotlight singing "Baby" and making fans everywhere swoon with a single flip of his hair.

Twitter user by the name @justinbie8er94 did a comparison of two photos of him wearing the same color shirt and if you look at them fast it seems like absolutely no time has passed between the two photos, even though it has been years since we last saw him this way.

She shared the photos saying: "My feels."

Here it is in GIF form, and it is absolutely mesmerizing:

justin bieber hair

Another fan shared an edit and wrote the emotionally driven caption, "There are things that never change."

Fans fell in love with the singer via his YouTube videos and when he released his first single "One Time" in 2009 and have been on a rollercoaster ride ever since but this hair might be an indication that more calmness is coming into the Belieber world and they will soon see the idol they fell for years ago.

Do you love Justin Bieber's hair this way or do you prefer his crazy colors? Tell us in the comments!

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