WHAT. THE. There’s a whole new meaning behind the phrase, ‘What Do You Mean?’ thanks to Justin Bieber who seems to have a lot of down time on his hands. The “Sorry” singer posted the most absurd thing on his Instagram story and we’re not over it. I mean, he’s known for doing some crazy things on social media like shaving his face during an Instagram Live and playing ding dong ditch with the hotel guests that unfortunately had rooms next to his during a stop on his Purpose Tour. But, the Biebs has just taken things to a bizarre level.

First, he starts off by saying people need to be kind. Okay, yeah PREACH baby J. We get it, we also never knew that’s what his teeth looked like. Not like they should look any different, but they are smaller than we expected. Again, nothing wrong with small teeth but he’s really putting them on display here.

That laugh, THOUGH. Now, we’ve got him talking about a “stone cold fact, man.” Ummm, we think he’s referring to his previous clip about how people need to be nicer. But, I literally have no idea what is running through his head so I cannot be 100 percent certain.

The next phase of the clip is the “boredy” part. Extreme boredom causes us to act crazy and Justin isn’t left out of that general usage of the word ‘us.’ With all that money Justin has, we’d be super bored, too. We’re joking, we definitely wouldn’t be. The kid can’t think of something else to do while sitting in a hotel room or a house – wherever he is – other than laugh at his own jokes? He might have been in full dad mode last week, but we thought that was just something he was going through. Clearly, it might actually be Justin’s personality. Daddy Justin has reached a new meaning.

But, seriously, can’t he just like order some fries, a milkshake and binge on Riverdale like the rest of us? No, he can’t. Because he’s Justin Bieber. So, of course, we need to see him make absurd faces, tell us he’s bored in song and come to the wild conclusion that he was a chicken in his past life. You think we’re joking, but we can’t make this sh-t up, guys.

Not only is he really bored but he’s also weirdly flushing a toilet and we just like don’t know what to make of it anymore. To be honest, the Biebs is one of the most well-known faces around the world but these videos make it seem like he’s just a regular guy, I mean a regular dad that just cannot stop laughing at his own jokes.

The black and white filter is too much to handle. Clearly, he had a creative vision for this Instagram story and we totally respect that. But, like, Justin…are you good, dude?! This whole thing is kind of making us want to go to wherever he is and entertain him. Maybe we could bring a puppy or his favorite movie to distract him. Regardless, this all just proves one point – Justin is Justin’s biggest fan. He thinks he’s so funny. While we have to admit, we did giggle at some of this, he is full on laughing.

Like, belly laughing.

That’s it. I’m dead. Where did he come up with this? Who told him he was a chicken in a past life? Or did he actually think of this on his own? Yeah, okay, we know he is the creative mastermind behind some of the most popular mainstream hits today but is this really what he thinks about? If so, maybe we should start thinking like this. Maybe these weird thoughts will somehow make us the musical genius that is Justin Bieber.

And honestly, I’d totally be a chicken in a past life if that meant I could come back as Justin. Cluckity, cluck, cluck, Biebs. That’s a damn good look on you.


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