Throughout the past year, Camila Cabello has tried to make a name for herself as a solo artist after breaking away from Fifth Harmony — and Justin Bieber may have just solidified her decision to do just that. The songstress released her latest single, "Havana", on August 3, 2017, for her upcoming album, The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. Now, exactly two months later, it has become a huge success and radio hit. The track, featuring Young Thug, has even made its way into the ears of one of the biggest entertainers in the music industry right now. Who could that be? Justin, of course.

The "Love Yourself" singer posted a screenshot of the background of his phone on his Instagram story for all 92 million followers. The shot showed him listening to Camila's song by displaying the cover art and play buttons. Obviously, this is huge for any singer but especially Camila who is striving for the same recognition and respect she got with 5H just now as a solo artist.


Justin actually made Camila cry with happiness over his gesture. She posted a video on her own Instagram story where she's sitting with sunglasses and a white hoodie on. Her friend who was filming the clip said, "What happened Camila?" She responded, "Justin Bieber was listening to 'Havana' on his Instagram story." Anddddd cue the waterworks.

Aww! This is seriously the cutest thing ever, and we couldn't be happier for Camila. She has worked hard to not only become the solo artist that she has always wanted to be, but to continue to speak to her fans and produce music for them. Clearly, if Justin is noticing her music, then something is working. The greatest part about this whole thing is, we don't think they are friends, which means he did this all on his own.

For any fan that doesn't religiously follow the Biebs, he rarely promotes other artists' music. He didn't even know who Shawn Mendes was until a little while ago. And even AFTER he found out about Shawn, he still spelled his name wrong when mentioning him on social media. So the fact that he heard Camila's jam and liked it this much to post a screenshot, then it's FIRE. If this doesn't call for a celebration, we don't know what does. Congratulations, Camila!

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