Justin Bieber and Zac Efron have crossed paths multiple times throughout their careers, and become two very unlikely friends.

Their friendship has even crossed into the realm of them inspiring one another when it comes to the hair department. So what do these talented guys talk about then they get together?

Turns out quite a bit. The “Lose Yourself" singer has taken it upon himself to give the actor advice on the kind of roles he should be pursuing. A source revealed to US Weekly, that Justin actually told Zac to “be more selective about the roles he takes.”

The High School Musical alum didn’t take any offense to the advice being offered and appreciated the honesty coming from the Biebs.

Dishing out career tips isn’t one sided either, Zac shared his own words of wisdom with the singer and told him to “keep breaking boundaries,” according to the source.

As surprising as it is to hear that the two are friends, it’s nice to know they can turn to one another with such honesty about not just life but their careers as well.

Are you guys surprised to learn Justin and Zac are such good friends? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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