Sometimes bad-boy Justin Bieber isn't without his fair share of fears. Apparently, the pop-star is terrified of one very famous star: Judge Judy. But, why does the stern-faced judge spook the 23-year-old singer? Well, we all remember that the 74-year-old publicly slammed him in 2014, when he was cited for a DUI and assaulting a limo driver. Apparently, that burn stuck with him.

And that's not even the worst part…since it's no surprise that the two celebs don't hang out with the same people you'd think there was no chance of them ever meeting. If you thought that however, you'd be wrong because there is a good chance that these two could meet face-to-face. They both own apartments at the Montage hotel in Beverly Hills — just a few doors down from each other!

image of judge judy

“Justin freaked when he found out,” a source exclusively tells In Touch. “He calls her grandma and asks the valet guys to tip him off when she’s around. Everyone jokes that at least he can outrun her!”

LOL — poor Justin! We guess he really can't escape the intimidating judge. Well, it's safe to say that if Justin ever gets into any legal trouble again he won't be applying to appear on Judge Judy.

But, even if Justin doesn't end up in court, according to his friends he isn't doing well. “One minute he’s praying and the next minute he’s partying," a source previously told In Touch. "He’s all over the place and is a nightmare to deal with." We hope the singer gets the help he needs during a much-needed break. "He does need some rest. But people in his camp also think something’s up."

This post originally appeared on our sister site, In Touch.

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