Another day, another story about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to report — this time, Hailey Baldwin and couples therapy are involved. (Yeah, we know.) Sources who are “connected to Hillsong Church” told TMZ that JB and Sel are in couples counseling because he contacted his ex. So what reportedly happened? Let’s break it down.

According to the report, Justin has been focusing on his faith as he’s grown ever-closer to Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz. As part of his spiritual awakening, the “Sorry” singer is attempting to make amends for his past missteps, which included apologizing to Hailey about how their fling and subsequent “sour” breakup ended. When JB told Selena that he talked to Hailey, the former Wizards of Waverly Place star reportedly wasn’t thrilled that he’d been communicating with his ex-girlfriend. That’s what prompted their couples therapy. (Early reports claimed that Selena’s mom Mandy Teefey went to the hospital after hearing the news.)

If you recall, Justin and Hailey’s relationship had a complicated beginning and a cryptic ending. There had always been flirting and rumors that they were more than just friends, but it all crashed and burned in the last couple of years. When JB went on vacation in early 2016, he posted a photo of himself kissing Hailey on Instagram. Although Jailey split later on, there was never any bad blood between Hailey and Selena.

Hailey squashed rumors of a feud, telling Us Weekly in 2016, “I think it sucks that people try to start things like that. There’s never any truth to that, first of all. She’s a lovely girl. She’s very kind. Her and I have a lot of mutual friends and it’s all cool between everybody. We run in the same circles.”

Then, in September 2017, Sel liked a photo with Hailey. It seemed they were all on good terms. Fighting? No way!

While Selena did call out Justin for being so public about his relationship with Sofia Richie, she never explicitly called out Hailey. So…either times have changed or Jelena may not be in couples counseling just because of his ex. Plus, Hailey has been getting close to Shawn Mendes recently, so she’s clearly moved on in her own life.

While it looks like Jelena is on the road to getting back together, it seems like they’re trying to ensure their reunion will be different than times before. Hey, whatever works!

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