Living It Up: Justin Bieber Is Working on His Art, While Selena Gomez Hangs By the Beach

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Looks like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber really are going to be spending New Year’s apart. It seemed rather obvious when the songstress was spotted out in Mexico with her girlfriends, and former ex Samuel Krost. Though some fans assumed that perhaps the “Cold Water” singer would be joining Sel on her trip a few days later — well, that doesn't seem to be happening at the moment.

While the “Wolves” singer is having the time of her life with her besties Courtney Barry, Ashley Cook and Raquelle Stevens on the beach, the Biebs is working on his art skills. Let’s get all this information on track in the simplest of ways, by laying down the facts – thanks to Instagram. Sel’s friend, Raquelle shared a picture of the group having their time of their life while out in the sun and wrote, “Our 6th New Years together! Grateful for so many amazing memories. ☀️💗.”

Credit: Instagram.com/@raquellestevens

While that picture made it’s way onto social, around the same time Justin showcased his skills in painting. On Instagram, the “Love Yourself” singer shared a snap of a piece of art he created, which he hopes to sell to help those affected by California’s wildfires. The "Friends" singer captioned his post, “Selling this painting I did called “Calvary” ALL PROCEEDS GO TO WILDFIRES IN CA.”

Given the post shared by Selena’s friend, it’s safe to say that the singer and her boyfriend will continue to be spending even more time apart. It totally makes sense as to why they wanted to sneak in some alone time before Christmas and New Year’s, seeing as their holiday celebrations didn’t involve one another. That trip to Seattle may have been the last fans saw of Jelena in 2017, but that’s not to say they won’t be about the PDA in 2018 — cause they totally might be.


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