It's time to face the facts.

Justin Bieber isn't always the nice guy we want him to be. BUT, sometimes he surprises the world and shows a softer side of himself that Beliebers wish they got to see more of. It's no secret that the constant media attention, the paparazzi and screaming fans don't always sit well with the pop star. He's been known to lash out from time to time.

However, kids will always have a place in his heart. While on his Purpose Tour, the Biebs actually brought kids up on stage to dance with him. At the end of the track he introduced the young talent to himself and the crowd.

Justin has little siblings of his own so it's easy to see why he's so good with other kids. However, fans have never really seen him interact with kids he didn't know, just because he felt like it, until now! The Biebs was in Miami, Florida for New Year's Eve and was actually caught making funny faces on a glass window that looked into a child day care center in the Fountainbleu Hotel.

LOL! This goes to show what a sweetheart he really is. While there's no photos of the reaction the kids had to the Biebs playing around with them, we have a feeling it was pure joy.

It's important to note that this was a day center center and the children were probably too young to even realize who he was. Can you imagine not knowing who JB was as he's standing right in front of you? Literally unfathomable.

This all goes back to who Justin is as a person and the fact that he actually does love making people happy through his music and his personality despite his ever changing mood. Sometimes, he just wants people to realize he's only human.

Regardless, this is amazing and hopefully this is the kind of Justin everyone gets to see more of in 2017.

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