Justin Bieber just can’t seem to shake off his love for Sofia Richie and he wants the world to know it. Or at least their combined 92 million Instagram followers. Casual.

The Biebs has taken to this very public platform to tell the supermodel just how beautiful she is by dropping some comments in one of her latest pics where she was chilling, enjoying a pizza and a Dr. Pepper. “You are gorgeous !!” JB wrote.

justin bieber sofia richie instagram comment

Now, this could just be the singer’s version of being ~friendly~ but this is all a bit odd. As you may already be aware, Justin and Sofia dated for a total of umm, an entire month. But their whirlwind romance will forever be ingrained in everyone’s mind, since it was during this time that Justin decided to flood his Instagram feed with selfies of the pair. And then the one and only Selena Gomez decided to drop a comment on one of these pics and let Justin know he shouldn’t be flaunting his new love in a hurtful way, instead and defending her over his longtime loyal fans. It was a MOMENT in the Jelena saga that’s for sure.

Even with that all drama, Justin has still made it known he has nothing but love for Sofia. She’s the only one of his high-profile exes he still follows on IG and she follows him back. (Sorry Sel and Hailey Baldwin). It’s not the first time he’s dropped a comment like this too. Back in March, he told her she was “so pretty” when she shared a photo from her shoot with Flaunt Magazine.

justin sofia comment

Now, Sofia is stunning so the “Despacito” singer is stating some facts but given that you know, they have a whole bunch of complicated history, this is all truly fascinating. Justin hasn’t done this for Selena and Hailey. The closest we ever got was when he went through that phase of posting wild throwback pictures of him and Selena from when they were happily together and that legit was enough to leave everyone scratching their heads.

It’s safe to say Biebs is kinda obsessed with Sofia though and you know what, it’s a side of Justin we haven’t really seen before. Justin is the one fawning all over Sof and well, she really can’t be bothered with it. He’s just another one of her many admirers leaving comments letting her know how great she looks. Goals really.

justin bieber

He’s just JB being JB.

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