Luis Fonsi has officially confirmed that Justin Bieber might just be a creative genius and truly a global artist.

When the remix to the Spanish-language hit "Despacito" dropped featuring the Canadian singer's vocals in Spanish, fans totally freaked out, fell in love, and quickly made the song a number one smash around the world. The song, which also features Reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee was already loved by fans in the Latino community, but Justin gave it an extra push to get it to the top of every chart.

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The singer spoke to NBC Latino and revealed that it was Justin's idea to have the chorus in Spanish and they had even prepared an English chorus for him.

"Let me give all the credit to Mr. Justin Bieber because it was his idea to do the chorus in Spanish. We had a full English lyric already written out for him and he said '[No,] I'm doing this the real way, I'm doing this in Spanish,'" he said in the video.

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Some Spanish speakers heavily criticized Justin's pronunciation in the song but Luis is coming for his defense. "Listen, 'laberinto' and 'manuscrito' are big words for us Spanish speakers. So imagine for someone who doesn't speak Spanish?" TRUE! There you have it, JB haters.

Others even accused Justin of solely doing the remix in order to get his ex-Latina girlfriend Selena Gomez back, and when they asked the Puerto Rican singer if he thought there was some truth to the tweet below he had the most epic response.

"I'm side stepping out of that one," he said, followed by a funky little dance. LOL, smart guy.

luis fonsi justin bieber

The song has skyrocketed to number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 and it has officially become the first Spanish-language song to do so since 1996's “La Macarena."

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Check out the full interview below and practice your own Spanish by putting the song on replay. Trust us, you will be singing it at every party.

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