If there’s one thing fans should already know about Justin Bieber, it’s that he’s not a fan of taking selfies or having his picture taken when he’s just trying to go about his day.

If fans remember correctly, Justin even cancelled all the meet and greets part of his tour so it’s pretty clear he’s not a fan of this kind of interaction.

The “Cold Water,” singer is also no stranger to receiving some negative press when it comes to him reportedly being rude to his Beliebers. One of the most recent instances in question was captured on video by fans in Germany.

Well, now Justin is making headlines once again, for lashing out at a fan in Sydney, Australia where the singer is currently in town on the latest gig part of his Purpose Tour. The situation reportedly began when the young fan asked him for a picture, then began recording her encounter with the “Love Yourself,” singer.

The video in question features Justin getting into a car as he eats some food and a fan recording him as he does so. Clearly not thrilled about this situation, the singer lectures the fan and tells her, “you have zero respect level. You have zero respect level. You make me sick.” He also told the fan during the encounter that she was invading his privacy.

To be fair, Justin seems to want to eat whatever he has in his hands without being photographed doing so. So it’s understandable why he would want to be left alone, but it’s also not the nicest thing he could have said to his fans. Still, the situation could have probably been handled a little differently if you ask us.

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