We’ve got some pretty exciting news for you, Justin Bieber fans! The singer just started his own clothing line and OMG… not only are the products super affordable, they’re also so cute! BRB… throwing out our entire closet so that we have room for Justin’s new clothes! LOL.

But how can you get your hands on his new products, you ask? Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you covered. We have all the deets on the new clothing line — including what’s available so far, where you can buy it, and how much it costs  — so prepare yourselves.

Turns out, the clothing line is called House Of Drew, and right now it’s only got one product listed on it’s website. So far, the only thing that was for sale was a pair of slippers, and they’re already sold out! Ugh! That might be because they only cost $4.99. You can check them out for yourself at thehouseofdrew.com or on Justin’s Instagram, where he shared a pic of himself rocking the epic new shoes.

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The slippers are white with a smiley face in the middle that says “Drew,” and according to the website, they’re perfect for “anyone who enjoys slipping their feet into something cozy at the end of the day.” As J-14 readers know, Justin has become pretty known for constantly wearing hotel slippers out in public, and now you can too! We’re praying that the singer restocks the site soon so we can buy a pair for ourselves! It’s likely that he’ll be adding more products too, since Justin also showed off some necklaces in his Instagram post that feature the same design. Plus, fans noticed that the 24-year-old was snapped wearing a sweatshirt with the logo while out for a run in Los Angeles last month! Sneaky Justin!

Justin Biebers New Clothing Line

Justin’s close friends and family, including his wife Hailey Baldwin and his manager Scooter Braun, also shared pics of themselves rocking the new merch. So why did he call it House Of Drew? Well it’s most likely because of the “Love Yourself” singers middle name, of course! The “About Us” section of the site provides a pretty cool motto for the clothing line: “Wear like you don’t care. Come chill. K. Bye.” Yeah, we definitely cannot wait to rock House Of Drew all day everyday!

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