Justine Skye is a singer, songwriter, model, actress, and even has some pretty cool friends (Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner, just to name a few). But what was she like when she was younger? Well, J-14 caught up with Justine at the New York City launch of the all-new game, Candy Crush Friends Saga, and she spilled on what she wishes she could tell herself back when she was just figuring things out.

“Oh my gosh, when I was 14, I guess I was in middle school on the way to high school. That’s where my little sister is right now, she just started high school. You’re literally just taking another step in life and you’re heading into the big world. It’s like your introduction into the big world. And so I would just say, stay focused and stay young. Don’t try to grow up too fast,” she exclusively tells us.

Right now, Justine is focused on her music career, and she just dropped her most personal song yet. Justine’s single, “Build,” is out now – and the music video highlights her struggles with domestic violence. Justine opened up to Billboard about what it was like filming the video, as she was reenacting something she has been through.

“There were people in the room, and other women in the video that have been through [abuse], too. For my mother to watch [the filming was emotionally draining]. It was very sad. I was thinking about all the women who have experienced this. I’ve played the video for some people, and it was triggering. For the most part, I hope that people get the message I am trying to spread, which is awareness of the situation. Standing up to [domestic violence] is extremely important. It can happen to anyone,” the 23-year-old singer said.

Justine went on to share a message she wants other survivors to know.

“My message is, ‘Continue on your journey to love and positivity.’ Something like this [experience] can make you lose so much trust in any relationship. It is hard to look at [new] people, and not think of the person that hurt you. So, [I’d say to them], ‘Guard your heart. Stay strong. Don’t give up on love. Do not completely cut people out. Be more aware of the signs.'”

The fact that Justine is so real and open with her fans is seriously inspiring.

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