Ever since Twice dropped their eighth EP Feel Special on September 23, 2019, fans have had it on repeat. The album is seriously full of bops, and everyone cannot stop listening to it! Well guys, prepare to fall even more in love with it because the K-pop group just spilled all the tea exclusively to J-14 on making the album, and it sounds like they seriously had an amazing time!

When asked what their favorite memory was from working on Feel Special, Nayeon explained that she really enjoyed filming the music video for the title track, “Feel Special.”

“Our music video was scheduled to shoot over a five-day period, which is way longer than a usual shooting schedule. It was really nice to have all that time together,” she explained. “We were able to shoot really great scenes. My favorite memory is the scene where all nine of us are laughing and talking to each other on the stairs. We had so much fun that day.”

Jeongyeon added, “I don’t have a favorite memory specifically. It might sound cliché, but I love all the time we get to spend together! As Nayeon said, we had a very long music video schedule, however, we were able to complete all the scenes quickly because we were feeding off each other’s energy.”

Twice Excluisve Interview Making Album Feel Special

“I also liked the scene where we were together, and then the scene where we wore the dresses on the stairs. It was mainly Jeongyeon’s scene where she had to act, but we didn’t have to be quiet while she filmed, so we really spent the scene laughing and talking to each other,” Momo added. “I think that was funny, but also I felt bad for Jeongyeon!”

Sana explained that her favorite part of working on the album was reuniting with Mina, who took a break earlier this year because of health concerns.

“My favorite thing was having Mina back after break. It was the best to have all 9 members together for rehearsal and recording. It was great having all of us come together as one again,” she gushed. “I believe that we all think in a very similar way.”

Twice Excluisve Interview Making Album Feel Special

Mina was just as happy to be back!

“I was with all the girls during filming the music video and shooting the scenes with the jacket, which made me feel how precious they are, and how precious the bond we share is,” she explained. “We were able to be productive and go over schedules because members were all together. So I would have to say my favorite memory during ‘Feel Special’ was just getting to be with all the members.”

How sweet is that?!

“Twice shines the brightest when all nine of us are together,” Dahyun added. “This album had times with all nine members together, and then times with some of us missing. I now know for sure we are perfect and shine the brightest when we are all together.”

Twice Excluisve Interview Making Album Feel Special
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“While we were preparing for the album, there were a lot of things that we had to prepare in a rush, which was quite tiresome,” Jihyo recalled. “However, when I saw the choreography video of us after the new release, I was very impressed and proud of our teamwork. We had a short amount of time to get in sync, but I think we really pulled it off!”

Chaeyoung‘s favorite part was the writing process. She told us, “I remember when talking with members for a long time about lyrics. We recalled our times right after debut to now.”

As for Tzuyu, she was really proud of the girls’ choreography!

“What I liked most during this release, was that the choreography was more mature than some of our previous choreography,” she said. “The moves were also very detailed, so learning and practicing the choreography was very interesting and fun!”

Feel Special is out now, so make sure to listen to it here!

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