New music from WOOSUNG is on the way! Aside from his latest single,” Lazy,” the K-pop star tells J-14 exclusively that he has an EP on the way.

“[Fans] can, for sure, expect [an EP]. When? I don’t know,” he says. “I’m still, kind of, figuring out the timing. But this year, for sure. We don’t have that much left … We’re halfway there.”

This exciting news comes nearly one month after WOOSUNG’s track “Lazy” hit streaming services on June 25. When telling J-14 about the track, he reveals that it’s about “just wanting to be lazy,” which is super relatable. The musician made his musical debut in July 2019 with an EP titled Wolf. WOOSUNG explains how his new music differs from that of his first-ever release.

“There were two songs that were supposed to be in the album Wolf. However, I decided not to put them in there because it just didn’t fit the vibe of the other music,” he shares. “So, I would say for this album, the difference would be that the Wolf had its own kind of sound and theme of the album. This one has its own as well, which I don’t want to say just yet.”

K-Pop Superstar WOOSUNG Says He's 'Halfway Done' With New EP, Teases Release 'This Year for Sure'
Courtesy of WOOSUNG

Aside from working on new music, WOOSUNG also launched his own independent music label.

“I was always a very independent person. Even with our team, The Rose, we did things on our own a lot. We wrote our songs. We recorded our own songs. We sometimes even tune our own songs,” the singer shares. “I just felt like I wanted to create a team — my own wolfpack — to make things happen and shoot for one goal.”

Despite having tons of upcoming solo songs, WOOSUNG “definitely” has plans to make music with his band, The Rose — which also consists of Hajoon, Dojoon and Jaehyeong.

“I always say, with The Rose, it’s the four of us together. Four brains trying to create one thing, conflicts, good times, memories,” WOOSUNG says about making music with the group compared to his solo releases. “By myself, it’s kind of like a lonely road. I mean, I do have great teams behind me, but it’s usually just myself with a main idea trying to make something happen, and it’s a lonely road. So there are pros and cons, but I do miss writing music with The Rose and I’m waiting for that soon.”

Although he loves making music with the group, WOOSUNG says his favorite part about making music on his own is having “100 percent control.”

“I want to make music that people could relate to and that people could [get] comfort out of,” he gushes. “If anyone listens to it, I feel accomplished by that.”

WOOSUNG’s single “Lazy” is out now!

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