Oh yes, she's got a crush on you. Katherine Langford might be known for her role as Hannah Baker in the hit Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, but now she's making headlines over her love life. Don't get your hopes up, though. Katherine isn't dating anyone – publicly at least – right now. But, an old video surfaced of Katherine singing a love song that she definitely made up herself. And the love song isn't just any old love song. It's specifically for her high school girl crush, Zoe Bosch, and we're dead over it. It's literally beautiful between the lyrics, Katherine's voice and the message behind the track.

While Katherine hasn't openly talked about her sexuality, it's clear that at one point in her life she was totally head over heels for this special lady. The title of the YouTube video reads, 'I've Got a Crush On Zoe Bosch'. Katherine belts out, "Oh Zoe, Zoe Bosch, I've got a crush on you girl…Cos you are amazing, drive me crazy, oh yes you do, oh yes you do…You're so special, baby, you are special…You're funny and you're daring, you're loving and you're caring for everyone around you…And I love you, oh, I love you."

Yes, the 'L' word was dropped, YOU GUYS. This is seriously too cute. Katherine also calls Zoe "captivating," "cool," and "smart." So, like, where is this Zoe chick? She seems awesome and I want to be friends with her. By the sounds of it, Katherine wants to be more than friends. But, that's beside the point because fans have now just unraveled another layer from Katherine's past.

13 Reasons Why was her first major acting role. She didn't even have a public Instagram account before she started – thanks to Selena Gomez we can all now see what Katherine posts. However, because Katherine is so new to the industry, the actress is still very much a mystery. She's also still very much protective of her private life. Obviously, all celebrities are protective over this, but the bigger you become the harder it is.

It's pretty amazing that fans are able to see not only what Katherine did before filming 13 Reasons Why took up all of her time, but also some of the things that were important to her before she was a universal face. It was just music and love. We've got the feels right now, all the feels.

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