According to Katherine Langford, if it wasn’t for 13 Reasons Why, she might have quit acting altogether. Yep, the actress just opened up about landing her role as Hannah Baker in the Netflix show, and she admitted that before that, she almost said goodbye to Hollywood once and for all.

“One of the biggest lessons I think I’ve ever had was when I got into drama school after three years of auditioning. I was asked to test for two projects in the U.S. and the U.K. So I turned down drama school to do them and was rejected from both,” the 24-year-old explained to Glamour in a new interview. “I came back to Australia not being able to go to school, without a job and had to call all my bar jobs back. It was that moment where I was just at rock bottom. I didn’t know what I was going to do, if I was meant to do this or if it was even possible.”

But when she was cast in the series, it changed everything.

“I kept auditioning and it was a couple of weeks after that, my first project, which turned out to be 13 Reasons Why, came through,” Katherine continued. “That for me was a huge turning point. I had to harness a lot of strength to keep doing it. I nearly quit. I think I nearly wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t kept going. I’m very grateful and thankful that it all worked out and young Katherine kept doing her thing.”

Wow, we are so glad she didn’t give up! As fans know, the fourth and final season of 13 Reasons Why premiered back in June, and although Katherine left the show after its second season, she recently revealed that she’s still pretty close to the cast.

“I’m really proud of everyone in the cast, and we’re still really tight,” the brunette beauty said. “I’m just so proud for them. Closing that chapter was such a special part instilled in all of our lives.”

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