From the looks of it, another YouTuber might be releasing a new beauty line. On Thursday, November 7, Keemstar totally took the Internet by storm with a series of tweets announcing his upcoming business called ‘KEEM Kosmetics,’ allegedly dropping at the end of the month.

The announcement came after the 37-year-old took to Twitter and asked followers to stop tweeting at him because they were interrupting his facial. One fan hilariously responded and said, “Upcoming beauty channel?” Which started the speculation that he may, in fact, be dropping a beauty line.

Keemstar responded to the fan and revealed his alleged palette would be coming out soon. Naturally, Twitter was seriously confused. Was this a joke or was he being serious?

“My pallet [sic] is coming out soon,” he wrote. “I’m going to take the beauty community by storm!”

Things continued to get weirder as the Internet star continued to post about the beauty line. He even asked follow YouTuber Trisha Paytas — who recently came under fire for a marrying a cardboard cutout of Brad Pitt — to review his new makeup.

“Since we are good friends,” he wrote in a tweet. “Will you review my makeup palette [Trisha Paytas]? Drops end of this month.”


For those who don’t know, Keemstar rose to Internet fame last November when he became the first to break the news about Jake Paul and Erika Costell‘s split on his YouTube channel, Drama Alert. Since then, his channel has totally taken off and now he’s the one stop shop for all the tea on content creators from Trisha to Jake and everyone in between.

His possible beauty line isn’t the only thing that put Keemstar into headlines recently. On October 30, he posted a new Drama Alert video which included an exclusive statement from beauty guru James Charles. The statement denied accusations from a fan who posted to a since-deleted TikTok video alleging the makeup mogul was rude when they met in an airport.

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