TikTok star Kelianne Stankus recently chatted with J-14 from inside the Hype House, and she spilled all the deets on her new boyfriend, Chase Mattson. Plus, she cleared up the dating rumors surrounding her and Tayler Holder once and for all, and she even gave an update on how he’s coping after his breakup with Sommer Ray.

“Um, I kinda just like to ignore all that. ‘Cause Taylor and I were just… we’re best friends at the end of the day,” she dished, when asked about her and the social media star’s relationship. “We’ve been friends for five years, so, we’re just best buds. We could say on the internet, ‘Yeah. We’re just friends,’ but everyone is still gonna just speculate.”

The influencer explained how she’s been a shoulder for Tayler to cry on, following her recent split from Sommer.

“I definitely have been there for him to cry on if he needs to cry,” she told us. “But he’s doing good. He’s keeping his head up. He’s been doing good.”

As for her own relationship, the 24-year-old revealed that she actually met after her beau she messaged him on social media!

“I found him on Instagram. I slid into the DMs. That’s how we met,” she recalled. “I said, ‘Hey,’ with a smiley face.”

“We’ve been doing stuff. We haven’t like been able to do like a proper date. Like, we haven’t been to the movies yet. We haven’t gone mini golfing. We haven’t done any of that kind of stuff, but we’ve been making the best out of it,” she continued, when asked about dating amid the coronavirus pandemic. “We are like a quarantine relationship, I guess you could say, but we’re making it work.”

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