Coachella is known for the music, but even more so known for the hot celebrity couples that can't keep their hands off of each other throughout the weekend. Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky were the prime examples of this. They were reportedly packing on the PDA all weekend long in the desert and we can't help but wonder if they are officially a couple yet.

Kendall and A$AP have been rumored to be on and off dating for awhile now. They were spotted having dinner together last June, which is what initially ignited the buzz. Right before Coachella, these two were seen having dinner in London's Mayfair last week.

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A source told The Sun, "Kendall and A$AP Rocky went to the Royal Albert Hall and made no secret of the fact they are a couple."

Coachella brought out new vibes to their relationship. Usually, they keep their hands to themselves in public, but things were reportedly different this time around. A source told People magazine, "Kendall showed up with a posse just for him and they were all over each other. Kendall started rapping to A$AP’s song 'F–kin Problems' and A$AP was laughing at her."

Aww! This seems like they are super silly around each other, which means things are going well. Not only that, but Kendall was also seen wearing A$AP's goggles, which is another sign that these two are super close.

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The source added, "She took the big Gucci goggles he was wearing off his head, put them on and started dancing."

Kendall posted a photo of herself wearing the glasses on Instagram. She captioned the shot, "?."

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AND it gets even better. After learning how handsy these two got at Coachella, Kendall's recent photo of him makes much more sense. Two weeks ago, Kendall shared this shot of A$AP on her Instagram with the caption, "???."

Clearly, she isn't hiding what she thinks of him or that the two are hanging out more and more. It's being reported that these two still aren't exclusive, but we wouldn't be surprised to see that change in the coming weeks or months. I mean, really, how freaking cute would they be as an official celeb couple?!

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