Former Dance Moms star Mackenzie Ziegler just got real with her TikTok followers! In a recent video uploaded to the app, the 15-year-old admitted that she’s “sick of being compared” to sister Maddie, especially in the comment section of her videos.

“Every time I post a video with Maddie, everyone compares us in the comments. Which yes, Maddie is a great dancer, and she is better than me. I can say that she is better than me. But I’m kind of sick of being compared to her, just because I’ve been compared to her my whole life,” Kenzie explained. “So if we could just leave positive comments under TikToks like that, because just remember, people have feelings too and I have feelings as well.”

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She added, “I know this is a really stupid thing to address, but I feel like it needed to be said. And also, Maddie and I make these for fun, these are not serious TikToks. We are just learning dances and having fun. So if we could all just be positive and be nice. Stop comparing everyone to one another.”

As fans know, this isn’t the only drama that the former reality show star has addressed online lately. Back in March, rumors hit the web that Kenzie’s boyfriend, Isaak Presley, had cheated on her. For those who missed it, the speculation came from a YouTube video uploaded by two girls who described an intimate interaction with a guy. They never said Isaak’s name, but they seemingly dropped a lot of hints that they were referring to him. After seeing the video, Kenzie was quick to shut these rumors down.

“All of these girls are trying to say Isaak cheated on me when HE’S WITH ME EVERYDAY,” she wrote in a since-expired Instagram Stories post. “This story is absolutely disgusting. If you know Isaak you know he would never do this. We are very happy. Also, I’m with him everyday! If I’m not with him we’re calling each other. None of this adds up. No one hate on Isaak because he did absolutely nothing.”

She concluded, “All of this stuff happening is no ones business except Isaak and I’s. Please stay out of it. I love you guys and I’m glad you’re looking out for me but you don’t know the full story.”

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