In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the Jonas Brothers’ breakout self-titled album (their first with Hollywood Records), we’re celebrating with a week full of JoBros features for our readers.

As the oldest of the Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas holds a very special place in our heart. Although the band did get its start thanks to Nick Jonas getting discovered in a hair salon, the New Jersey natives wouldn’t have been where they were without loyal ole Kev. In true big brother fashion, he was the driving force behind the business side of the Jonas Brothers’ brand. He served as a leader in that aspect, and that’s just one of the long list of reasons why we love the guy.

From the early Jonas Brothers days in 2007 to current day, so much as changed – and we’re not just talking about his hair (RIP to his straightened, spiky phase). From punk-rock teen to nurturing father of two precious girls, Kevin has truly evolved over the years. Join us for a walk down memory lane.

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