Growing up in the spotlight! Kiernan Shipka has come a long way from her days on Mad Men.

The actress made her debut as Sally Draper in a guest-starring role when the show premiered in 2007. As the series continued, she eventually made her way to main cast member in 2010.

While chatting with Stylist in March 2019, Kiernan reflected on the role and said it changed her life “in every way possible.”

“It’s one of those things where you can’t imagine what your life would possibly be without it,” she told the U.K. publication. “Physically, I would not be here; I don’t think I would be anywhere near here. I truly have no idea what kind of person I would be without it because it was so formative. It’s where I learned that I really, really loved acting, and watching everyone work was amazing.”

Once the show came to an end in 2015, Kiernan never felt like a break from acting was needed.

“It’s always good to take a break from anything that you love doing, just for a second, to get perspective on stuff,” the Netflix alum told Stylist. “Even a month off from Sabrina, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I see things so much clearer now.’ But no, never long-term. That doesn’t sound appealing right now. I love it too much.”

In 2018, she took on the iconic role of Sabrina Spellman for Netflix’s dark drama Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. After four seasons as the teen witch, the show came to an end in December 2020. Instead of moving on from the role, the Illinois native got a chance to reprise the role in season 6 of Riverdale.

“I love her so much and I owe so much to that character that any chance I get to play her, I will be there if they want me. So, I’d love to do more,” Kiernan told J-14 exclusively in October 2021 about reprising her role. “Putting on the headband and getting back into it, I didn’t know how it was going to go. I didn’t know if it was going to be easy or difficult. It’s not often that you play a character, have two years off and then have to revisit them again. And it was like riding a bike, and I was so happy.”

No matter what role she’s playing, the actress is totally killing it! Scroll through our gallery to see Kiernan’s total transformation over the years. 

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