Apparently the feud heard around the world between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian was not even a feud after all! During her interview with Wonderland magazine, the reality star confessed that even after she released videos on Snapchat of the singer agreeing to be named on Kanye West's song after she publicly denied it, she didn't mean to be offensive by it.

"I never publicly talk bad about people. I still don't feel like I have. I'm being honest," Kim said to the mag according to E! News.

She also claimed in the story that people on Taytay's squad reached out to her via text message to ask her about the situation and to ask her to take down the videos.

"Girls in her squad hit me up on text," Kim said, but when they asked her to reveal who it was, she said, "I'm not petty."

While the Kardashian and Jenner families have a lot of friends, and so does the "Wildest Dreams" singer, we've narrowed down which friends they actually have in common that would have reached out to the social media mogul via her personal phone number.

Click through the gallery to see who we think might have been the one to have Taylor's back during this situation and tell us your own theories in the comments!

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