Everyone was pretty shook when news hit the web that not only were they making a The Kissing Booth 3, but that they had already filmed it too! Especially because days before the announcement, when asked about the possibility of a third movie, the cast acted like they had no idea if it was in the works or not. And now, Taylor Zakhar Perez has opened up about what it was like to have to lie to the public about the upcoming third flick, and it turns out, it was really difficult for him!

“It was the hardest thing. This was my first time really doing press for a film and I’m a very straight-up, authentic kind of guy. So when it comes to lying, straight-up lying, not even working around it, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, how do we do this?'” he explained to Variety. “And we’re sworn to secrecy with Netflix, and I straight up just really had to lie.”

As fans know, the official release date for the movie isn’t out just yet, but Netflix did share a sneak peek of it to their Instagram account! Yep, they posted a clip from the upcoming movie, and it got us even more excited for it! Plus, at the end it said “Coming 2021,” so that gave us an idea of when the flick will hit screens.

“I don’t know when it’s coming out. All I know is 2021,” Taylor added.

But what will it be about, you ask? Well, there’s unfortunately not a lot of details on the plot just yet, but bused off the ending of the sequel, we assume that the third movie will be all about Joey’s major college decision!

For those who missed it, during the sequel, Elle promised to join Noah at Harvard in the fall. But when she got accepted to both Harvard and UC Berkley — the school Lee wanted her to attend — she told everyone she was waitlisted at both colleges. The flick ended before she made her final decision, so we still have no idea which university the brunette beauty decided to go to! Will she choose Harvard to be with Noah or UC Berkley?! Guess only time will tell.

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