It looks like KJ Apa is not here for people hating on him for not posting about the Black Lives Matter movement. Yep, the Riverdale star just clapped back at Elijah Daniel after he called the actor out for his silence on the matter.

After a fan suggested that Elijah should watch one of KJ’s movies — The Hate You Give — which is about police brutality, the comedian fired back, “I love that movie but I do have a question. Completely unrelated to the beef I formerly had with him, if KJ was the costar of that movie why is he so silent? He has such a massive young audience and got paid to be in a movie about police brutality and … posted a black square?”

“I don’t need to post about my opinions and beliefs in order for them to be real to me,” KJ replied. “I support black lives — but I don’t feel it’s necessary to prove to people I do by posting my attendance at these protests.”

Some people were not happy with the 22-year-old’s response, and took to Twitter to slam him.

“I hope you realize that ‘I don’t need to post about my opinions and beliefs in order for them to be real to me’ just shows how privileged you really are,” one person wrote. “You’re not using your platform for good, when you could use it for so much good and you’re not? Bit of a shame.”

“KJ baby, you have a bigger platform than over half the people that have spoken about BLM,” another fan tweeted. “They helped make a difference. And so can you. It’s called spreading awareness. Not that hard.”

For those who missed it, many stars have spoken out and taken to the streets to protest following the tragic death of George Floyd. George was a 46-year-old, unarmed black man who died in Minneapolis, MN, on May 25, 2020, after a police officer knelt on his neck for almost nine minutes. The white officer — Derek Chauvin — did not move even as George repeatedly said “I can’t breathe,” as heard in a video captured by bystanders. The officer has since been arrested and charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, while fellow officers Thomas K. LaneTou Thao and J. Alexander Kueng — who were also present at the time of the incident — were charged with aiding and abetting murder.

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