It’s official, Kylie Jenner is so over Internet trolls. On Sunday, May 10, the reality star hilariously clapped back at followers who criticized the way she cut her Mother’s Day cake via Instagram Stories, and fans cannot stop laughing at her response.

The 22-year-old took to social media and shared a snap of an “olive oil cake” that she received for the holiday, but once the picture hit the web, some people were seriously unnerved by how she sliced the sweet treat.

Kylie Jenner Hilarious Trolls People Who Were Hating On The Way She Cut A Cake

“Can we talk about how Kylie Jenner cuts cake, psychopath vibes,” one Twitter user wrote. Another added, “Kylie Jenner cutting her cake triggers my OCD… Wtf!”

Upon seeing the comments, the makeup mogul seriously shaded all the negative commenters with another picture. This time, she decided to cut a circle right in the middle of the cake.

“People were very disturbed I cut my cake how I did, so this is for those people,” she captioned the Instagram Stories clip.

Kylie Jenner Hilarious Trolls People Who Were Hating On The Way She Cut A Cake

LOL. As fans know, this isn’t the first time the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has responded to haters online lately. Just last week, the mother-of-one had the best response to a fan who asked her if all she does is “play dress-up” during the coronavirus quarantine.

“Yes,” she replied to the fan, who tweeted, “Does @KylieJenner just play dress up around her house?”

But that’s not all! Last month, Kylie even slammed a fan who told her that her blonde highlights “need some blending.”

“Kylie honey, you need some blending on that hair,” an apparent hairstylist and follower commented on a video of Kylie from behind.

“I know b***h, it’s been a long day,” she fired back.

Upon seeing the comment, some fans were quick to come to the makeup mogul’s defense.

“People need to understand we’re all struggling out here,” one person responded. Another added, “The world is trying to fight through this pandemic and you’re worried about some hair.”

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