OK, it’s official, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande are BFF goals! On Thursday, August 6, the popstars gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the “Rain On Me” music video and, as it turned out, the “Just Dance” songstress totally injured her pal while they were practicing the visual’s huge dance number. Yep, that’s right, Gaga scratched Ariana right in the eye!

But don’t worry, guys, the “Thank U Next” singer was totally cool with it!

“I shanked her with my nail by accident dancing,” Lady Gaga told viewers, before the camera panned to Ariana laying on the ground. She added, “Lady Gaga scratched my eye. It’s an honor. I hope it scars… I hope it stays there forever.”

Unfortunately, Gaga did not feel the same way. She tracked down some Neosporin and literally jumped on Ariana trying to apply it to her face.

“Give me your face… Listen to your mom!” Gaga yelled. Ariana hilariously responded, “Oh my God, you’re two days older than me.”

After Ariana got out from under Gaga’s grip she started running away and, get this — the “Shallow” singer even chased her around the studio! That’s right, the entire thing was pretty hilarious, and we’re even more obsessed with these two now!

For those who missed it, on May 22, the musicians teamed up for the dance track we never knew we needed! “Rain On Me” is a seriously upbeat single that is all about knowing things will get better, no matter what you’re going through. Once the song was released, Lady Gaga and Ariana opened up about their friendship with the world in some heartfelt social media posts.

“Thank you for reminding me I’m strong, I’m super emotional and love you so very much, I cherish you @ArianaGrande and little monsters without you I don’t know how I would survive. I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive,” the A Star Is Born actress wrote on Twitter.

Ariana added, “One time… I met a woman who knew pain the same way I did… Who cried as much as I did, drank as much wine as I did, ate as much pasta as I did and whose heart was bigger than her whole body. She immediately felt like a sister to me.”

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