If you’re anything like us over here at J-14, you can’t stop watching Netflix’s latest teen rom-com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – and all those smooching scenes between Lara Jean and Peter totally made your heart flutter. Well then, you’ll be happy to find out that leading lady Lana Condor spilled in an interview with Decider that her absolute favorite scenes to film were the ones that involved kissing her on-screen love interest Noah Centineo. WE’RE SCREAMING.

lara jean


She gushed, “I think my favorite was when Lara Jean comes up to him and she’s like, ‘Let’s do this’ and he just grabs her and kisses her in front of everyone, not caring at all what anyone else thought. I love that because it was so unexpected.”

She added, “But then also the hot tub scene was great because we got to spend the day in the hot tub. Filming kissing scenes with Noah was one of my favorite things.”

lara jean hot tub


Turns out, Lana and Noah were totally connected right from the very first time they read together in auditions. However, Lana totes rejected him when he asked to read lines together beforehand.

Lana explained, “It was so funny because I remembered, oh no this is the guy I said I didn’t want to read lines with, and then the moment he walked through the door, his energy is so incredible. I knew immediately, I just felt so much chemistry with him. We did a couple reads but after the first sentence I knew because he’s just so wonderful and he’s so talented and charming. I’m so honored to have had him as a co-star and a partner. You can’t ask for a better co-star. He does everything. He’s very caring, he’s always looking out for how you feel a take went, it was totally a dream to work with him.”

OUR HEARTS. These two are just as precious IRL as they are in the movie. No wonder why everyone is already shipping the two!

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