Aside from being a super talented actress, fans recently learned that Lana Condor has an epic singing voice too. For those who missed it, in February, the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before starlet teamed up with her real-life musician boyfriend Anthony De La Torre for a heartfelt track called “Raining In London,” featured on Anthony’s recently released EP Find Me.

Although the song ultimately turned out amazing, the 22-year-old revealed that recording the song “in our closet” and “in Ohio” was actually super hard for her.

“Actually singing on this track was a very difficult, traumatizing experience,” Lana said during an interview with Genius. “I just felt so uncomfortable because it’s not my thing that I do for a living. So, it was like pulling teeth to actually get me to do it and then finally, the last night we were recording, I just was like ‘screw it.’ I just did it and I took off the headphones and just threw them.”

The Hollywood superstar also said that, despite not wanting to sing, she’s happy that they got the chance to work on this project together.

“But it was really fun and I think the best part of it was doing it together,” Lana gushed. “Working on it together and knowing how much we care for the song and that was what kind of pushed us through, because I know I didn’t make it very easy.”

Along with the stunning duet, the couple also released an epic music video together. Throughout the four-minute visual, the pair looked back on a fictional romance filled with fame and fights between the on-screen couple.

“But if I had met you today / Would I have loved you the same? / If I had known it would take / Ten years and twenty-two days to stop loving you,” Lana and Anthony sang on the fan-favorite track.

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