Prepare yourselves, people, because LaurDIY is gearing up to launch a podcast, and we can’t wait! Fans of the YouTube sensation — whose real name is Lauren Riihimaki — know that she’s been teasing this project for a while, but now, some of the details have finally been released.

Get this, you guys — the mysterious cohost Lauren has been hinting at in her vlogs, well, it’s her boyfriend Jeremy Lewis! Yep, the adorable couple is teaming up for the soon-to-be named podcast, which is sure-to-be amazing. We know what you’re thinking, didn’t Lauren say she wanted to keep this relationship more private than her last? Yes, she did, but the 26-year-old addressed this in her most recent video.

“Here’s why this is different… I think the best way to describe it to someone who’s never been in the scenario is that you’re obviously living a real life. It’s your real relationship, it’s real feelings, but you’re kind of living in this really weird fairytale world because you’re only showing the highlights,” she explained. “You’re only showing the best times, you’re not showing any of the lows, the fights. So, you’re like living and taking steps in your relationship, but also, simultaneously creating content around it. And that gets so toxic, my dude.”

For the podcast, Lauren wants to give some serious insight into the life of girl in her 20s for all her followers who may be growing up.

“This is going to be the most real project that I have ever done,” she continued. “Were Jeremy comes in is, I didn’t want to do this podcast by myself. Jeremy is honestly so f**king funny that it feels selfish to keep our banter to ourselves.”

She added, “It’s more going to be weighing in on our opinions about things…that might not even regard us.”

From the sound of it, there’s going to be a lot of laughs and some serious realness coming from these two and we can’t wait! So, mark your calendars because according to Lauren, July 1 is the tentative launch date for her and Jeremy’s upcoming podcast.

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