Don’t worry guys, Lauren Jauregui does not lip-synch, and she is not happy with fans thinking that she does. The singer just clapped back at a Twitter troll who accused her of not singing live during her performance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, and her response was everything.

The former Fifth Harmony singer stopped by the show on Tuesday, January 22, 2019, where she performed her newest single “More Than That” flawlessly. But some fans thought it was a little too perfect, and rumors started spreading that the 22-year-old was faking the performance. “She was lip-[synching] and it’s never been more obvious,” one fan said in a tweet, which is now deleted. “Mouth didn’t match up with vocals, larynx wasn’t moving at all, you can tell it was recorded in a studio, Feed was way too clear. And to think I was watching this performance tonight giving her a chance. Tisk tisk.”

But Lauren was not having any of it. She quickly responded to the fan, putting all of our minds at ease. “Hi, hello, I don’t lip-[synch] lol go ahead and come to one of my shows to find out if you’d like. I train,” she fired back. Thank you and [by the way] the feed was way too clear cause I had the BEST IN THE BIZ on that mix @pdhmix1.”

Um, you go girl! We love that not only did the “Expectations” songstress stick up for herself, but she did it in the most classy way ever. Slay Lauren.

Fans quickly jumped to the star’s defense, one writing, “People are used to mediocracy these days, and when someone who is actually vocally Impressive LIVE comes along they’re so shocked they automatically yell ‘lip-[synch].’ Sad. You killed it, as expected. Proud of you babe.”

“Don’t worry about her that’s how good your vocals were you had people thinking you weren’t actually singing,” another fan added.

Lauren is seriously a queen.

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