Former Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui took to Twitter on Saturday, February 8, and defended Lizzo against internet trolls that wrote negative comments about her bikini photos.

The “Truth Hurts” singer was photographed wearing a red bathing suit while on the beach during her recent vacation to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After they were posted to Twitter, the images quickly went viral with many social media users commenting on Lizzo’s weight. Some people called her “unhealthy” and claimed that she shouldn’t be wearing a bikini.

Once Lauren caught wind of the negative comments, she clapped back in the best way and defended Lizzo. The “Expectations” singer quote tweeted the bikini pictures and told social media trolls that they should worry about themselves before commenting on other people’s looks.

“These fatphobic comments are what’s disgusting. WHY DON’T YALL WORRY ABOUT YOUR UNHEALTHY A**ES BEFORE TELLING ANYONE WHAT A ‘HEALTHY’ BODY LOOKS LIKE,” Lauren wrote. “Imagine thinking someone needs to not enjoy their current bodies at the beach because ignorant f**ks have opinions…?!?”

Fans responded to Lauren’s tweet and praised her for defending Lizzo. Many people even shared their own body image struggles with the singer who responded with positive words of wisdom.

One Twitter user expressed that after reading the nasty comments about Lizzo, it made her wonder what her peers say about her body. Lauren responded to her concerns and said, “It doesn’t matter what people say. F**k them. You are ALLOWED to be happy, you are ALLOWED to live in your body as it is currently. Healthy looks SO MANY different ways. And ‘health’ is not something that is accessible to everyone !!! LET IT OUT BE FREE LOVE YOU.”

Lauren also opened up about her own body confidence issues in a series of candid tweets.

“I struggle with this majorly. When there’s pictures of me from unflattering angles or I’m not feeling my personal best and other people comment about it I FEEL AWFUL. But, I’m learning too that I can only be affected by what I allow and believe about myself,” she explained. Then added, “It’s about shifting the mentality from ‘f**k they think I’m fat,’ which is really ME thinking I’m fat, and ‘fat’ being ingrained into my existence as a woman as equating with undesirable. NONE of these stories are true, it’s just about reminding yourself and actively unlearning.”

Lauren concluded her powerful statements with, “I want you to know I love each and every one of you so much and I’m so grateful for a fandom that is so loving and open to these conversations and constantly striving to grow. UNAPOLOGETIC RADICAL SELF LOVE ALL 2020 and BEYOND!!”

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