Fifth Harmony member Lauren Jauregui is clapping back at a radio station based in Spain that wrote a piece about celebrities in the United States who identify as Latino. Lauren was dragged into their opinion statement as they pointed fingers at her and even going so far as saying that she was jumping on the bandwagon that has become the Latin market. Well, first things first. Lauren is Cuban-American and has Latin roots. So, she's not jumping on any bandwagon. This is her culture and it always has been.

On this particular radio stations' website, their story read, "Many point [their fingers] at Bella Thorne or Lauren Jauregui as examples of stars who have jumped ‘on the bandwagon’ of what is trending, which is the Latin market. There are people who find that having a Latino relative doesn’t make you part of the community; that you are [a part of the community] when you were born in that country, you have defended your rights there and you may have even moved to the United States. Those who support this thought believe that if you weren’t born in the country, you can’t consider yourself Latina." Freaking yikes, dude.

Lauren fired back with a series of tweets that were notably all in Spanish. She said, "An article based off of opinion. I feel Latina because I was born in a Latin family. I speak the language, I cook the food,” she tweeted. “I have been part of the Latino community in Miami since I was born; I have always had them around me. Anyone could tell you that."

She also said, "I know that when they see me, they see me as a little white girl that you cannot imagine being Latina. but NOBODY can tell me what MY roots are." Because Lauren spoke her mind and stuck up for herself, the radio station had no choice but to respond. They said, "We totally agree that you feel proud of your roots, we only reflected on an unfortunate opinion." Thankfully, they apologized but it still doesn't take away from the fact that it was said and it was put out there for people to read. On the other hand, Bella Thorne has yet to address the comments.

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