One thing fans have noticed about the Fifth Harmony girls is that they aren’t afraid to release solo music on top of everything else they are doing with the band. Well, except for Camila Cabello who completely left the group when she was ready to release her own solo album. But that’s a different story. Now, we’re talking about Lauren Jauregui and some industry gossip that should or actually probably should not have been overheard. Billboard magazine reported that one of their writers overheard this statement after the 2018 Grammys, “12:37 a.m. Overheard at Sony’s party at the Whitney: Lauren Jauregui of 5H moving to Columbia from Epic to release solo album.”

The note has since been deleted from Billboard’s story titled, “Grammys 2018: The Party Diary.” So, this one is still a mystery. It’s possible that this wasn’t supposed to be overheard. Lauren has yet to make a comment on the whole thing, but we have a feeling that Harmonizers might be visibly upset by the news. Switching labels – even though both Columbia and Epic are both under Sony – could provide some division amongst the girls.

Since Camila left, they have all done their solo projects. However, none of them have released a full-length solo album. Why? Because it’s a lot of work! To take on an album by yourself as well as put your full effort towards the girl group seems damn near impossible. But, Lauren works really hard and if this IS true and she wants to keep the group together, then we have no doubt in our minds that she will find a way to make it work.

Lauren has already publicly touched on the idea of working on solo projects. She told Entertainment Tonight at the end of 2017, “I mean, all of us are exploring [our own projects] right now. We’re at such an amazing place harmoniously with each other with communication and support for one another. We’ve grown so much over the past year even, and I love genuinely being able to explore myself and know that my girls are there for me.”

She continued, “It’s really cool because we’re branching out to creatively discover ourselves, because we never really got an opportunity to do that since we started this when we were…I was like 16 when I started. It’s cool to be able to give each other that space to really explore ourselves individually and grow.” Whatever happens, it seems like the Fifth Harmony girls will always have each other’s backs. But, we do have to say, the reporter who overheard this little snippet is KWEEN. The insider knowledge might be terrifying, but exactly what we needed to keep up with behind the scenes secrets of this girl group!

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