If you haven’t already started listening to Lauv‘s songs on repeat, then we have a feeling you soon will. You for sure know his jam “I Like Me Better,” which you’ll recognize from the mega-popular Netflix movie, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Besides being featured in the scene where Lara Jean, Peter, and all their friends are heading to the ski trip, it was featured in the trailer and honestly fits so perfectly.

But now, the 24-year-old singer has released a new song “Superhero” and the story behind it will leave you in a puddle of feels. See when Lauv was out on tour, he had fans write notes and leave them in what he referred to as the “My Blue Thoughts” box. They could write down whatever it is they wanted and he posted some after each show on his Instagram story. But one note stood out to him that read, “I met a superhero. I lost her. I want her back.” Lauv read this and immediately felt inspired, writing a song that started with those words. Kind of crazy to think that a fan at one of his shows ended up inspiring a song Lauv created with one his best friends, fellow songwriter Michael Pollack. But then Lauv took it upon himself to find out who his mystery co-writer was. These notes were all anonymous, after all!

Lauv explained that two months later, with the help of his team, they discovered the note was from his show in Boston. And from there, after many phone calls and emails, they uncovered the identity of the fan who wrote the note! His name is Martin and he lives in Germany. His girlfriend, Diana, lives in Boston and he was visiting her when he went to Lauv’s concert. Martin ended up going to the show alone though after he and his girlfriend got into an argument and that’s what inspired him to write that little. How crazy is that? Check out the video Lauv posted breaking it all down:

So now Martin helped write a song, something he never thought he would do! Lauv has a close connection with his fans and the fact that he was able to be directly inspired by the words they chose to share with him is pretty amazing. And the lyrics to “Superhero” seem to sum up what Martin was going through without Lauv even knowing it when he wrote the song.

“I met a superhero
I lost her
I want her back
She did things to me that no one else could
And I miss that

Don’t wanna talk about it
I was so wrong about it
Can’t do a thing about it now

Cause they say if you love her let her go
And they say if it’s meant to be you’ll know”

The power of music, that’s for sure! And now we’re just going to be listening to this song on repeat.

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