Lea Michele has made an iconic return to the stage and has made quite a stir when she premiered a song that seems to give a detailed account about the end of a relationship that left her quite heartbroken.

The Glee star performed at The Broad Stage where she premiered several songs from her upcoming new album Places. E! News is reporting while she sang her song "Sentimental Memories" at the Santa Monica venue during the concert, the star seemed to roll her eyes and give a sly smile to the crowd when she sang the lyric, "All along you were a liar."

Though she did not reveal who was the inspiration behind the tune, the audience seemed to enjoy it and they laughed along with her.

"Breakups suck but they're also OK if it's what it's meant to be," she reportedly said quoting one of Miranda Lambert's tunes called "The Weight of These Wings".

"She sings, 'Happiness ain't prison, but there's freedom in a broken heart.' I think that that's so true. I feel like this has been such a great year for me and I've been beyond grateful for that and you find yourself in that time and I think it's when you really become who you are," the Scream Queens star said.

"I talk a lot about love on this new record and a lot about all different kinds of love. For me, for people that know me, they know that when I love someone, I just kind of put my whole heart into it and everything. I cross countries for people. My poor mother—if she has to hear me say one more time, 'I just love him so much.'"

"It's been a very exciting and long three years and I learned a lot from my first record. It was a great experience for me and I really enjoyed but I wanted to make sure this next record was perfect and obviously, tonight even before the album is out, before the first single is out, I just wanted to start performing, to get back to what I grew up doing, to get back to what I did in New York on Broadway for so many years, performing on stage."

Lea and Robert Buckley broke up after dating for just a few months, and their busy schedules were to blame but their reps said they ended up as friends. Lea and her boyfriend of two years Matthew Paetz broke up at the beginning of 2016 and he reportedly ended it, "all of a sudden and without warning."

Though she did not say who the song is about, it is clear to see where the inspo for the song might have come from. Lea has been through a lot in the past several years, with losing Cory Monteith and the end of these relationships, so it's good to see her using her talents as a way to express her pain.

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