It’s safe to say that sometimes a simple comment can spark a social media frenzy or have fans thinking that major news has just been broken. Take, for example, Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s latest posts on both Instagram and Twitter. An innocuous post about a hairstyle she rocked and totally loved had fans thinking that a secret engagement had happened.

Let’s start with the post in question, which had Leigh-Anne rocking a chic bun and some pearl detailing on one side. The post was captioned, "So I fancied a bit of pearl action.. think I've found my wedding hair ????." The style is absolutely gorgeous and seems almost perfect for that type of occasion. Gotta give it up to those pearls, they make the style perfect for practically anything.

Fans, of course, thought the singer was breaking some major news about her relationship with Andre Gray, who she's been seeing for quite some time now. Almost instantly, the tweets and comments began flooding in, with everyone demanding to know what she had meant. Had a secret engagement happened without anyone catching on?

The answer to that question is no. It didn’t take long before Leigh-Anne got hundreds if not thousands of messages from fans demanding to know what she meant. So obviously, the singer had to clarify things with another tweet, letting fans and the world know that no secret wedding was on the horizon. She wrote on Little Mix’s account, "P.s I'm not getting married ? x Leigh."

There you have it. There’s no wedding and no engagement for now at least. The girl just wanted to rock some pearls like a boss, which she totally did. Also, what’s wrong with envisioning her future wedding even though she isn’t engaged? Nothing, that’s what. Most people tend to imagine what that special day will be like way before it happens anyway. So you keep rocking those pearls, Leigh-Anne. They look fab on you!

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