Former Disney Channel actor and Lemonade Mouth star Adam Hicks has been arrested for armed robbery, according to TMZ. While the details are vague, the report says he apparently committed four or five armed robberies. Adam and his girlfriend, who is unknown at this time, allegedly went up to innocent people walking around the San Fernando Valley area in California. They would reportedly point a gun at the person and demand materialistic items like their cellphone as well as any money the person may have had on them. Supposedly, there were two women in their 70's that Adam and his girlfriend bombarded.

The report is saying that police went to Adam's home and arrested him. However, this isn't the first time Adam has been in trouble with the law. He was arrested in July after allegedly firing a gun and in September for battery.

lemonade mouth

Adam played the role of Wendell 'Wen' Gifford in Lemonade Mouth. However, he also appeared in How To Eat Fried Worms, Mostly Ghostly, Pair of Kings and The Boy Next Door, plus played a main role in the Disney XD series, Zeke and Luther. In terms of his music career, he co-wrote the songs "Determinate," "Breakthrough" and "Livin' On a High Wire" for Lemonade Mouth. He also sang the theme song for the Disney XD show, Mighty Med. Adam has yet to release a statement about the arrest.

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