Today is an extra special day for Liam Payne: it’s his 25th birthday! It’s crazy to believe in the last eight years he’s been in the spotlight, he was a member of one of the world’s biggest bands, became a father, and is now pursuing a solo career that’s already filled with hit songs. Liam’s lived a life, that’s for sure! But there’s one thing fans have come to know and love about him: he’s always so sweet to his beloved One Direction fans, and he has a way about him with all creatures – including animals.

Let us never forget the snake habitat incident of 2013 that Liam tweeted out to his millions of followers. When he was in Australia with his band, Liam noticed that tons of fans were trying to get a glimpse at him while he was in his hotel, but there happened to be signs all around warning about the snakes that happened to be lurking. So, he tried to tell everyone to maybe not come see him at that moment, fearing for their safety. Snakes are no joke!

“Basically, I was looking out of a window in Australia and I had been for a walk outside. There’s a big field and it says, ‘Snake habitat, do not enter.’ I’m like, ‘OK, Australia, snakes. Serious business. Don’t want to get bitten by a snake.’ Next thing I can see is fans bounding towards me way down the field, through said snake habitat. ‘Don’t come’ was the first tweet. There are snakes and you could possibly die. And that would not be a good day out,” Liam recently explained to Billboard about these now iconic tweets. For reference:

Liam was just looking out for the fans! But hey, maybe all these girls who were so eager to see Liam had a feeling he would protect them. He really does have a way with animals, and there’s nothing more adorable than seeing him interact with all types of furry, fuzzy, and even scaly creatures. Liam was always called the “Dad” of 1D, long before he was an actual father to his son Bear, so he just naturally has that kind, nurturing, responsible way about him – and it’s something animals can totally sense. Or, these dogs, cats, and even snakes just sense they’re in the presence of Liam Payne and know it’s a big deal. Could be totally possible.

In honor of Liam’s cuteness when it comes to these lil creatures, check out the gallery below for more proof he just has a way with animals. What better way to celebrate his birthday, right?

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