Bella Thorne and Liam Payne are the most unexpected music video match we've legitimately ever heard of, but it's fine because "Bedroom Floor" is going to slay. The former One Direction heartthrob posted a behind the scenes clip from the video and a shot of him and Bella standing next to each other for some extra promo. We can't lie. Bella looks pretty freaking amazing. Liam makes it a point to tell his fans what the video really means before they get their eyes on the full version which will drop next week. So, let's get one thing straight – Bella is NOT going to be Liam's love interest. I mean, come on, do you really think Cheryl would allow that? KIDDING.

So, what IS the story behind the video? Liam explains, "So the concept for the video is that I am speaking on Bella's behalf. So I am her thoughts and what she's thinkin' about this guy that she's got a relationship with, which is a little bit broken. But it's very nice. I like the fact that it is empowering on the woman's side because it's not often that you see it from this angle."

By the sounds of what Liam is saying and the few second clip, the whole thing looks pretty awesome. But, really, who knew Liam and Bella were even friends? Not only that, but it is a bit shocking that he is actually featuring a girl in the video. Directioners know that the boy band never had girls in their videos, especially high profile stars like Bella. This is a huge change from what Liam is used to. The only guy from 1D that has featured A-list celebrities in their music videos since leaving the group is Zayn Malik.

Zayn and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid were each other's love interests in his video for "Pillowtalk". He also featured Nicola Peltz who is now actually dating Anwar Hadid in his video for the track, "It's You." Other than that, the boys have usually been solo. It should be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out with Liam and Bella considering it's a male talking in the thoughts of a female. Bella has yet to comment on this particular music video that she'll be starring in but we have a feeling that she's pretty freaking stoked. It is Liam Payne after all.