Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole are parents, obviously, and they are doing a damn good job at it. They welcomed their son, Bear Payne, into the world back in March and the fandom couldn’t wait to see the second One Direction baby grow up right in front of their eyes. Now that it has been almost six months since Bear made his debut, the new parents are speaking up about what this whole experience has been like and what is to come in the future. Liam, as always, can’t stop gushing about Cheryl and her motherly instincts. While he’s off trying to launch a solo career after temporarily separating from his 1D bandmates, she is at home with the babe.

Against her wishes, Liam has spilled some details about Bear and Cheryl hasn’t necessarily agreed to it all. He said, “Cheryl was so close to Bear at the start and that mother and son bond is just the most amazing thing to behold and watch. I was nothing but learning from her at the start and she was a natural mom. I do get a bit over-excited sometimes. I’ll go home and she’ll say, ‘What did you say that for?’ But I’m just really happy with everything and life’s great.”

Aww! He’s such a proud dad, it really is too cute. Their relationship is seemingly perfect. So, what’s next? Well, make no mistake, Liam and Cheryl probably won’t walk down the aisle anytime soon. Liam was pushed to answer the question of whether a marriage was in the cards first and foremost or expanding their brood took precedence.

He said, “I would probably say, if you pushed me, a baby. Bear is the best creation I’ve ever made.” Wait, why does he have the best answers for everything? We’re swooning over here. Even though a sibling for Bear might come before the chapel, Liam made sure to note that they aren’t in a rush to add to their family.

With a solo album set to drop and a possible tour, Liam is about to be super busy. As for Cheryl, she is scheduled to give her first interview in over 10 months. Baby number 2 may just have to take a back seat, for right now. Liam said, “We need some time… but we’ve got time, so that’s OK.” Well, you don’t have time, Liam if you’re planning on a One Direction reunion. But, THAT’S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.

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