Savage: Cheryl Is Super Proud That Liam Payne's Solo Song Beat the Other 1D Guys'

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All the One Direction boys have been busy forging their own solo music careers since the hiatus was announced and our hearts shattered into a thousand pieces back in 2016. And Cheryl’s boyfriend and baby daddy Liam Payne’s debut solo single was a bit of a banger. His hit "Strip That Down," featuring Quavo, is currently number one on the Top 40 radio chart in the US and has sold five million units worldwide, meaning he’s outperformed his former bandmates.

Chezza took to her Instagram Story to congratulate her man, subtly throwing some shade in One Direction’s way. She shared a screenshot of an article announcing Liam’s chart success and his debut becoming the biggest selling solo track from a 1D member. The story reads: “Liam Payne’s debut solo single, ’Strip That Down’ featuring Quavo, is number one on the USA’s Top 40 radio chart. Having sold 5 million units to date worldwide, the track is now the biggest-selling solo single from a current member of One Direction.”

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Cheryl dished out an added serving of shade as she captioned the post "Savage," along with a hashtag reading, "Proud."

In other Chiam news, Liam recently explained he struggled with his solo career in the beginning - but the reason why is actually pretty cute. The former One Direction star says he struggled to write music for his debut album without the band because he couldn’t stop thinking about Cheryl.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “I had a bit of a problem formulating what was going on in my brain into the music at first because I was so content with everything in my personal life. It’s easy to spill your guts on a ballad. But I was thinking, ‘Oh god, I’m really happy — what am I going to write about?!’”

This post was written by Ruby Norris. It originally appeared on our sister site, heat world.


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