Liam Payne is busy living that solo star life at the moment but of course, he always looks back fondly on his days with One Direction. The 1D guys accomplished so much together and made a ton of friends along the way, like Ed Sheeran. He wrote some of the band's most special songs like "Little Things" and "Moments" and he even co-wrote Liam's debut solo single,"Strip That Down." So when Payno was chatting with Z100, he was naturally asked about Ed, since both guys will be performing at the radio station's upcoming Jingle Ball concert.

"Obviously he wrote my first single, top boy. He's literally one of the nicest human beings around. And everyone's got either a crazy party experience or just a really nice experience. I have both," Liam said.

Umm okay, Liam, time to elaborate, which he gladly did. The "Get Low" singer went on to talk about the weirdest elevator he ever had with his mom, dad, Ed, Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Yes, Haylor + Liam's parents, Mama and Papa Payne were once hanging out? What a time.

"I got in a lift once, my parents were there, this is a really random story. It was a party we had just done a gig for and he joined us on stage. And Taylor Swift was in the lift. I was in the lift, Harry was in the lift, Ed Sheeran, and my parents. And the lift was going up and he just kept going turning around to me going, 'Bass.' And that's all he was saying. 'Bass.' So that's one of my favorite party stories," Liam said.

OK, seriously this is just too good. So obviously this all went down during peak Haylor days and in 2012, these two were an item and Tay, 1D and Ed all performed at Jingle Ball in New York City so we wonder if this elevator incident happened then. But hey, there for sure could've been plenty of other hangouts we didn't know about. Still, leave it to Ed to bring the jokes in a packed elevator and for Liam to have this as one of his most memorable moments with the "Shape of You" singer. If only we were flies on the wall during this elevator trip…

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