All the Feels: Liam Payne Will Always Be Bros with Harry Styles and Yes, Baby Bear Makes Him Cry Quite A Bit

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Now that they’ve all gone solo, the One Direction boys like to keep the focus on the music they’re music as opposed to their time as a group. That doesn’t mean they won’t talk about one another from time to time, or even show up to support one another. As fans know, Harry Styles recently went through some pretty tough times with the loss of his stepfather earlier this year. The boys secretly showed up to show their support for Hazza, and now Liam Payne is sharing what happened the first time he saw the “Sign of the Times” singer after the heartbreaking loss.

Payno told UK’s The Sun, “I bumped into him in The Bowery Hotel. He’s been through a rough time recently. God bless him, he was really happy to see me. The funniest thing was we didn’t really talk business. Dunkirk was out and all this was happening, and we just gave each other a big hug.”

“We didn’t say much but you could tell we were really happy to see each other. It was like touching home base,” he continued to say. No matter what happens, the boys will always be brothers and nothing can come between that, and that’s probably one of the sweetest things ever.

The “Strip That Down” singer knows just how important family is, especially after becoming a father to little Bear – who he’s totally obsessed with. So much, that he recently almost burst into tears after leaving him for a few days. Liam admits, “I get back and he’s roaming around in his roamer. I say to Cheryl, ‘You see it every day, but you wouldn’t believe the changes in him, when I come home’. I was holding his little hand and I wanted to cry a little bit. It was really tough.”

We bet it’s insanely hard for Liam to leave that little face, and Cheryl behind while he has to go off and work, but it seems like the family has got it all figured out when it comes to spending time together. Besides, we bet they're extremely proud of Payno, and it's hard not to be. He's come so far, and still has so much left to accomplish.


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